With the majority of clients visiting your website or a property search engine as their first point of call, the images you commission will create the first and lasting impression.

Great images will attract considerably higher levels of interest in your listings, be it sale, rental or holiday accommodation, providing you with an increased scope of opportunities.

Our experience in property photography has taught us that instead of going to market with a large number of unnecessary images, it's better to feature only the best areas and angles, and only those that will stimulate an emotional connection with your target audience.

We showcase the interior and outside living spaces in addition to any facilities and local features such as parks, beaches, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, shops or cafes. Our focus is on quality over quantity and we shoot with meticulous attention to detail, combining style and technique.

We stand by our promise to optimise the marketability of each and every crafted image, utilising 

our experience in both the photography and the editing stages. Upon job completion, we'll provide you with high resolution, quality digital images, delivered online, usually on the following day!

An innovative approach to vacant home marketing, virtual staging is proven to sell vacant homes. As all real estate professionals know – presentation is everything!

What do your photos say about your vacant property? Are they grabbing buyers’ attention online? Remember, potential buyers are viewing numerous homes and making a shortlist of which ones to visit – not every listing will make the cut.

You can transform your vacant properties into beautifully staged homes that sell with our low-cost Virtual Property Staging solution. This ground-breaking service delivers a quality product with life-like results, without altering your actual home photos. Virtual staging gives vacant properties a premium edge in a competitive market.

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  • Portrait and Lifestyle Photography
  • Virtual Property Staging

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Lifestyle photography encompasses the everyday activities of life – cooking, parenting, enjoying holidays, managing health or dealing with financial or business situations… the list is endless.

In most cases, lifestyle photography is upbeat, optimistic, playful and fun. The lighting is usually very natural; the aesthetic effect is “light and airy”. The models are energetic and of above-average attractiveness, but not ‘model pretty’ – they need to be believable and relatable.

And the locations are actually locations. If the shoot takes place in a studio, then an environment is staged to help tell the story of the image. (There is always an implied context or story to the images.)

Lastly, because it is aspirational, lifestyle photography needs to have great production values. This is commercial photography that paints an ideal – all the details must be meticulously attended to including lighting, casting and styling.

One of the most effective property marketing tools, which is much sought-after by buyers, is a floor plan of your property. But not all floor plans are equal.

Pre-inspection, a professionally drawn floor plan helps buyers understand a home’s flow, and visualise how its spaces will work for them. Post-inspection, a plan is a great reminder of layout, allowing serious buyers to imagine living in the home by mapping out their own furniture placements.

Plans are also great for out-of-town buyers or those who miss the inspection, helping to bring an unseen property to life while maintaining their interest. Likewise, including a plan on a signboard can generate interest locally, driving inspection numbers and in turn, competition.

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  • Professional Copy Writing

Real estate photography is more than just point-and-shoot photography: it is a way of selling a lifestyle. It makes the viewer feel safe, warm, sophisticated, and any other feeling your property radiates. In the competitive realm, it’s the hidden link that connects agents with viewers. Real estate photography sets the standard for what makes a house a home, and a property a place for creating special memories.

There are thousands of homes, apartments, business properties, and special venues listed for sale or rental every single day. In every listing, the photographs must help the viewer imagine themselves and their family or business within the space. Thus, the pictures need to create a sense of home, a sense of adventure, a sense of family, or a sense of self. The viewer will ask themselves, "What can this place hold for me?" There's no better way to imagine this than with the help of a photo. This is why real estate photographers specialise in emotion. They specialise in capturing what someone can feel in a space without the person even needing to be there. 

A property photographer should not only be adept in the art of photography, but also have a clear understanding of how the real estate system works. To sell a place with a photo, you have to understand how to sell a place, period. A photographer must have a keen understanding of the target market and be able to adjust the shoot accordingly. They must be a good communicator with the ability to work with a real estate agent, the vendor and the property stager if applicable, to enhance the overall experience of the potential viewers.

A great professional real estate photographer must also be able to maintain the authenticity of the place while creating an emotional experience. It’s best to choose someone with extensive experience in off-camera flashes, wide angle photography, the post-production process and professional-grade equipment.

More than just the ‘finishing touch’ to your property marketing campaign – high-quality copywriting in fact outranks virtual property tours, interactive floor plans and real estate videos as a key factor in achieving property marketing success, according to a recent industry survey.

Professional copy doesn’t just tell the story of each property. It tells the story of your brand, using an engaging and consistent voice to distinguish you from your competitors. A holistic approach to your marketing plan will ensure the hard-won reputation of your business is both protected from the harm of an old-fashioned, uninspiring image, and elevated above the pack.

On a surface level, professionally written listings are devoid of the common grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences and repetitive word choices that typically plague real estate copy. They clearly communicate the top attractions of the property, and focus attention on those features that are most appealing to your target market. Most crucially, a professional copywriter will convert browsers into motivated buyers by reflecting their lifestyle aspirations via carefully tailored language that builds an emotional connection to the home.

When delivering a ‘finish’ that is more than the sum of its parts is integral to your business image, professional real estate copywriting should be considered no less than an essential complement to professional photography and floor plans, and a foundational building block of any progressive advertising model.

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