We are pleased to announce the roll out of our new service, offering 3D Virtual Tours using a dedicated, high resolution Matterport Pro2 Camera.  Since following this technology for the past five years, we feel the time is right to offer this to our clients with the demand driven by Covid-19 and the ensuing push for social distancing, isolation and reduced person to person contact. The world is changing and we are evolving our services alongside our customer needs.

Our 3D Virtual Tours provide an immersive 360 degree  experience, transporting buyers into properties. This creates direct engagement with your purchasers allowing your assets to shine. In real life, we experience the environment spatially. Our brains constantly calculate distance, size and volume to understand the world around us. Our 3D virtual tours give clients more than just visuals – they provide the feeling of actually being there. Our tours are also not just for the real estate industry and can be used to present just about any indoor space, from attractions to architects and builders and even aviation or marine sales and charters.

We have added this service to our portfolio showcase section.

All of our 3D Virtual Tours include:

  • Walk through 3D tour – Interactive 3D virtual tour, that can be navigated on any device, allowing you to showcase your property through a unique & engaging presentation.
  • Fly through slideshow (show-reel)– Personalised slideshow video, showcasing specific features and areas of your 3D tour, available for you to use across all your marketing.
  • Digital & Marketing Support – We will assist you to embed your 3D tour on your website, and guide you on how best to use it across all your digital marketing.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting – We will host your 3D tour on our dedicated server for three months.
  • 5 Smart Highlight Tags – embed throughout your 3D Tour, to highlight key focus features.
  • Simple Branded Single Web-Page – showcasing your 3D virtual tour with your company logo and contact details. See Example

All of our 3D Virtual Tours also have the option to add the following:

  • Floorplans and Siteplans – Convert your 3D virtual model into a floor plan purpose-built for residential real estate marketing. Floor plans include measurements of individual rooms and all key internal details.
  • Additional Selection of 3D Tour Smart Tags – We can embed additional smart tags throughout your 3D Tour, to highlight important features to your buyers.
  • Extended Hosting – We can extend the hosting for your tour from 3 months to 1 year.
  • Advanced Branded Single Web-Page – showcasing your 3D virtual tour with your company logo and contact details, your photos, your floorplan and siteplan and comprehensive monthly analytics. See Example
  • Branded Show-reel to Video Conversion – We can export and convert your show-reel video into a video format that be be posted on either YouTube or social media channels.
  • Visitor Analytics –  detailed 3d virtual tour analytic reports over three months, in either weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals.

See recent examples of 3D Virtual Tours we’ve produced;

Due to the pandemic we are launching this service with our tailored and affordable Covid-19 3D Virtual Tour Discount Packages that include premium photography (10 standard photos), floorplan and siteplan. Please drop us an email at sales@meder.net or give us a call on 0414292952 if you’d like to find out more.

Warm Regards,

Team Meder