Our Mission Statement.

Meder Photography Pty Ltd is an ethical company adhering to environmental values and principles. We do not accept work from organisations that undermine the health of our biosphere and endanger our planets biodiversity.

We support moving our society to a carbon negative future in order to offset the inordinate amount of co2 and methane emissions over the past one hundred and seventy years caused by human activities.

We welcome all work and projects that further the above directives as our-in-part contribution toward addressing this existential climate emergency crisis.

On a personal level we take steps toward reducing our own carbon footprint both as a business and individuals, while also acknowledging the rate of change necessary to achieve these goals will need to predominantly come through legislative government action.

Our vision for the future is a planet bonded through global co-operation and shared environmental principles, utilising new technologies and sustainable conservation methods.

“The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us.” David Attenborough